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CERAPP: collaborative estrogen receptor activity prediction project
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Activity cliffs in drug discovery: Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde?
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Multiobjective optimization in quantitative structure− activity relationships: deriving accurate and interpretable QSARs
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Discovery of a novel class of potent coumarin monoamine oxidase B inhibitors: development and biopharmacological profiling of 7-[(3-chlorobenzyl) oxy]-4-[(methylamino) methyl …
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Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of imidazolyl derivatives of 4, 7-disubstituted coumarins as aromatase inhibitors selective over 17-α-hydroxylase/C17− 20 lyase
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Targeting monoamine oxidases with multipotent ligands: an emerging strategy in the search of new drugs against neurodegenerative diseases
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Structure-Based Design and Optimization of Multitarget-Directed 2H-Chromen-2-one Derivatives as Potent Inhibitors of Monoamine Oxidase B and Cholinesterases
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Quinolizidinyl derivatives of bi-and tricyclic systems as potent inhibitors of acetyl-and butyrylcholinesterase with potential in Alzheimer’s disease
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Design, synthesis and pharmacobiological evaluation of novel acrylic acid derivatives acting as lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase-1 inhibitors with antioxidant and anti …
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Exploring basic tail modifications of coumarin-based dual acetylcholinesterase-monoamine oxidase B inhibitors: identification of water-soluble, brain-permeant neuroprotective …
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A generalizable definition of chemical similarity for read-across
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Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of coumarin derivatives tethered to an edrophonium‐like fragment as highly potent and selective dual binding site …
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Inactivation of the glutamine/amino acid transporter ASCT2 by 1, 2, 3-dithiazoles: proteoliposomes as a tool to gain insights in the molecular mechanism of action and of …
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CoMPARA: collaborative modeling project for androgen receptor activity
K Mansouri, N Kleinstreuer, AM Abdelaziz, D Alberga, VM Alves, ...
Environmental health perspectives 128 (2), 027002, 2020
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